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The part of health care that deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract that is the kidneys, bladders etc are known as urology branch. Tulasi hospital provides excellent quality Urologist in Guntur treatment as they are established with skilled urologist from across the world to aid with these services to patients.

Urologist in Guntur is often known referred to as a surgical specialty. Apart from involvement in the surgery, the urologist is a doctor who deals with internal medicine, paediatric, gynaecology as well as another part of the health care. There are many subspecialty parts of this branch which are listed below

Paediatric surgery Urologic oncology Renal transplant Male infertility Female Urology Neurology

The various part of the urology branch suggests that the scope of urology is quite big when compared to other branches, Tulasi hospital specializes in all the above branches and to deliver quality treatment to the patients.

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