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Tulasi hospital also offers high-quality service with Pulmonologist in Guntur, the department of pulmonary is set with trained doctors and active staffs who help for the effective treatment of this disease. As of now, pulmonologist is only available on the Gangtur premises of the Tulasi hospital. The highly advanced and specialised unit offers diagnostics, therapeutic services for potential management of the respiratory diseases in adults.

Apart from it, pulmonary department is also well organized with out-division department to offer quality care for all types of respiratory issues, ranging from obstructive sleep to apnea and chronic ventilatory failure.

Tulasi hospital inpatient division of the Pulmonologist in Guntur department provides advance clinical support prepared with fully equipped ICU to meet the need of the patient with acute respiratory problems as well as respiratory failure.

The hospital also provides CPAP and LTOT therapies pulmonologist are also provided to the needy. To ensure, the high-quality treatment being delivered to the patient's stringent treatment protocol is followed.

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