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The ENT service in the ENT hospital in Guntur offers all sort of intense care for any condition related to the ear, nose and throat likewise. The care is meant for patients of any age. The team consists of technical and non technical staff and doctors who use various modern machines and procedures to make sure that they can provide you relief from the problem you are facing with the ear, nose or throat.

The ENT hospital in Guntur does provide you with nasal and nasopharyngeal endoscopes for advanced diagnostics. The video endoscopy facilities for endoscopic sinus surgeries as well as the voice improving Phonosurgery are also done in this department. Many patients do also have voice issues and sleep apnea which is too handled by our professional doctors and it is made sure that every patient is gone with a smile on his or her face. Huge thanks to the doctors and consultants who are a professional with their line of job.

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