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Anaesthesia and pain management in Guntur is an integral support function for all the specialities. The department of anaesthesia also provides with inter – disciplinary evidence based medical care like for Surgery, Critical care, diagnostics and even pain management. The trained team of Anaesthesia and pain management in Guntur give their best and help their patients with hi – tech clinical support and even extends expert services to all the specialities for 24/7.

Tulasi Hospital in Guntur also provides such special facilities to their patients regarding Anaesthesia and pain management. The Services offered by them are preoperative anaesthetic care, anaesthetic support for SSEP and MEP, anaesthesia for infants, neonates, and children, anaesthesia for craniofacial reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, labour analgesia and obstetric Anaesthesia, regional anaesthetic techniques with ultrasound and PNS, transoesophageal echocardiography, difficult intubation manoeuvres, Intra – aortic balloon support, inotropes vasodilators and vasopressors, ECMO and LVAD assistance.

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